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Using A Mister Cooling System For Livestock

Evaporative cooling through the use of a mister, or a misting fan, has seen wide use recently, from outdoor events to workplaces, and even households. More and more people are seeing the benefits of a mist cooling system, as well as its comfort and ease of use.

However, its versatility means that it’s just not used to bring a cooling environment to humans. Farmers can also benefit from using a mister, because it can also provide adequate cooling to their livestock, and with better results than simply constructing a well-ventilated livestock farm.

Benefits of a Mist Cooling System For Livestock

Mist Cooling System
Just like humans, livestock also experiences heat stress during a hot environment, especially since most livestock are huddled close together in a breeding pen. And as with humans, heat also has adverse effects on them. The livestock becomes more agitated, and they’re more vulnerable to several diseases during this period, which can even spread to your other livestock, causing more issues. Horses, in particular, get noticeably stressed out because the hot climate make their body heat buildup much faster, up to the point that the horse can’t get rid of it all. Heat stress also has an effect on cows, where it’s known that excessive heat may have a negative impact on their milk production, and the egg production of chickens is reduced by around 20% to 40% when under the effects of heat stress. In the worst case scenarios, livestock may also develop heat stroke during these times, which may results in death for them.

A mist cooling system helps to solve these heat problems. Even a portable mister can have the same cooling effect as installing an air conditioning system for your livestock, making the area much cooler than before. They also carry the same benefits as electric fans, in that they can easily be moved around the area for maximum effect (though large-sized misters are highly recommended), especially since they’re also equipped with wheels for easy transport. And best of all, a mister is much easier to set up than an air conditioning unit, in that it only needs a garden hose connection to supply the water that’s needed to produce the mist, as well as a nearby power supply.

Basic Guidelines for Mister Selection & Maintenance

Any mister is capable of providing the same kind of cooling for livestock, but it’s much better if you consider your options very carefully, and you know how to use them well.

Mist Cooling System For Livestock

  1. Portable misting fans are okay when your breeding area is small, like a chicken coop. But if you own a large breeding pen which houses several livestock, then an industrial-sized mist fan is a better investment, since it enables much-wider area coverage, enough to keep all your livestock cool in one place. When making your selection, always choose the high pressure variety, as low pressure ones may cause your livestock to become wet all the time (which might also cause some other diseases)
  2. For the best results, place your mist fan right next to the nearest power outlet available. While a cord extension is still okay, it might cause some inconvenience due when positioned improperly. Connecting your mist fan to a water supply should be easy, as by design, your breeding pen should have a nearby water outlet for your livestock.
  3. Always perform maintenance on your mist fan to keep it running at peak condition. Periodically clean the nozzles as well as the filters on your mist fan to remove any dirt and mineral buildup which can cause inefficient operation of it. Also check the water connections for some leaks which may form water puddles around the fan, and replace any broken parts immediately.