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The Printed Circuit Board – Embodiment Of Evolution

What is common among mobile phones, game consoles, laptops, and even computers? Most would say that these are all must-haves in these modern times. All of these, and other things that are electronically operating have one common thing inside them – the printed circuit board.

The printed circuit board has existed since the 1900’s but only gained popularity in the 1940’s after World War II. Before that, circuit boards were huge and bulky and used point-to-point connections. They also had complicated wiring systems, which often ended up suffering from short circuits – especially since insulators back then had problems with wear. Over time, the materials used in printed circuit boards developed and gradually become what they are today.

Different Types Of Printed Circuit Boards Are As Follows:

Pcb AssemblyPrinted circuit boards come in three types – single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layered. A single-sided PCB has all the electrical components on one side. One good example is the printed circuit board found in greeting cards. A double-sided printed circuit board has all electrical components on both sides. It’s usually used when the space on one side is not enough for all of the electrical components. A multi-layered printed circuit board has two or three mini circuit boards layered on top of each other and are connected by wires. A desktop computer’s motherboard is one of the best examples of a multi-layered printed circuit board. Usually motherboards are 12 layers thick.

A printed circuit board is actually made up of several layers. The base material is usually made of fiberglass. This gives the printed circuit board a rigid structure. Other PCBs are flexible as they are made from special high-temperature plastic. The copper plate is often laminated on the base material. A double-sided printed circuit board has copper plates laminated on both sides. Covering the copper plate is the green plastic usually seen on most printed circuit boards, and it’s called a solder mask. It is applied on top of the copper plate to insulate it from other metals, thus preventing a short circuit from happening.

Holes with silver rings, called the annular ring, can be seen on the solder mask. Solder masks usually comes in green, but almost all colors can be used. Oftentimes, there are writings seen on the surface of the solder mask. Those writings are usually added through a process called silkscreen printing. The silkscreen is usually white, but of course, any color can be used. Those writings are placed to guide PCB assemblers in soldering electronic components. All printed circuit boards are created uniquely depending on the purpose that needs to be served.

PCBA printed circuit board serves as the heart of an electronic device. It is so-called printed because of the copper lines that can be seen on the surface of the board. Those copper lines act as a highway where electronic signals travel from one component to another. A printed circuit board usually has components like capacitors, resistors, and memory chips, aside from physical devices. All of the physical components of a device are soldered on the printed circuit board, if not; the physical components will be of no use. From children toys, to cars, to supercomputers, almost all electronic devices have PCBs.

Printed circuit boards have greatly changed throughout the decades. Engineers back then aimed to create a printed circuit board as small as a dollar coin yet powerful beyond imagination. Nowadays, engineers are trying to develop a printed circuit board that is not only slim and small, but also environment friendly, cost-efficient, and innovative. Given how eager the experts are to continuously make PCBs evolve and to hasten that technological evolution, consumers are sure to be wowed in the coming years.

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Printed circuit sheets capacity as the heart of each electronic gadget, it ought to be noticed that there is no standard method for outlining the conductor design on the surface of the board.Visit this site for more information.
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