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Custom Coins in the Private Sectors

Custom challenge coins are probably the most popular military items that are being reproduced. Aside from military units, there are also other organizations that create them, including churches, scout groups, and fire departments. The popularity of custom coins can be credited to their meaning. Their role is to promote integrity and unity within the organization. Anyone who receives a challenge coin will be honored to be a part of the team and the coin will serve as remembrance of their efforts. They can either keep the coin with them or pass it on later to their children.

Here are some of the reasons why even private organizations create their own challenge coin:

1.  Shows Uniqueness of the Organization

Rather than choosing premade challenge coins from a company that manufactures them, the organization can create their own design that shows their own uniqueness. Their members will surely be proud to be a part of the team.

2.  Promotes Identity of the Organization

Many organizations exist today and sometimes, it is difficult to identify their differences. Custom coins can help strengthen the identity of the organization since it can be used as a symbol of the organization’s deep history and excellent service. It is something significant that the members will be happy to have and even show to others.

3.  Represents the History of the Organization

Custom CoinsIf the organization has been in around for many years, the members would be proud of its history. Custom challenge coins can depict the profound history of the organization and help strengthen it. Having a custom coin would mean that they are truly part of this history, convincing them to work hard to further contribute to the organization’s growth.

4.  Establishes the Reputation of the Organization

The reputation of a person normally develops from the personality he has created for so long. When someone has a good character, it will enhance his reputation. This can also be applicable to different organizations. The reputation of the organization is built by the characters of the people within it. A challenge coin indirectly boosts the reputation of those within the organization.

Designing Custom Challenge Coins

Now that the reasons for having challenge coins have been established, the organization that decided to have their own coin has to come up with a design. Designing custom coins may be hard, especially it is their first time doing it. The organization might have something in mind as to what the coin should look like, but once it has been drafted into paper, it might look completely different to what was originally imagined. An artistic eye may be helpful when doing this task. Having formal school training is not necessary to design a coin, but the most important element is being creative.


The theme of the challenge coin must represent the organization. If they want their custom coins to symbolize their unity, they can include symbols that depict such.


The style of the challenge coin must reflect the theme that has been chosen. The designer must consider the design, style of lettering, if it would be in 3D, etc. If the organization has a motto or logo that represents them, it must be added to their challenge coins.


The color that will be selected helps the custom coins to become more attractive. If the organization already has a color associated with them, it must be incorporated into the coin.

All in all, it can be said that these coins aren’t just useful, as they’re also highly customizable. So, if you’ve been hesitating about investing in these symbolic pieces of metal, you probably should cast your doubts aside –simply choose to reap their benefits as soon as possible.

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