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Things you shouldn’t do with badge lanyards

Unlike before, badge lanyards have gained quite a reputation now and can be seen worn by almost anyone. From corporate bosses to ordinary individuals, lanyards have become a big part in the lives of people. With the ability to help people by carrying things that are relatively light (or heavy, depending on the lanyard’s build) and keeping things safe and secure, lanyards are truly indispensable. However, the list below details things that you shouldn’t do with badge lanyards.To know more about lanyards visit the official site.

Dispose of them haphazardly

Although badge lanyards are generally sturdy and can last for years, it is inevitable that people will dispose of them. Unfortunately, disposed lanyards do not end up in proper trash bins and are mostly just left behind. This poses serious threats to the environment. Materials that make up a lanyard are usually nylon and polymer. These two are basically plastics that can take a long time before they decompose.

Badge LanyardsEven if a lanyard is made of a biodegradable type of polymer or nylon, it can still clog up sewers and cause headaches for cleaners and sweepers. Also avoid throwing them in bodies of water because aquatic and marine life forms may get tangled with the lanyards. Next time, properly dispose of your lanyard or better yet, find other uses for it or give it to someone else. This way, you can contribute to the safety of the environment by proper management of waste.

Leave it lying anywhere

If you do not have plans to dispose of your lanyard just yet, you should store it properly when you are not using it. Badge lanyards usually have fewer components in the form of their metal attachments to keep badges and icons intact.

These metal components are vital to these kinds of lanyards because

without them, lanyards will only be pieces of rope or cord. If not stored carefully, these components along, with the lanyard itself, can be dangerous in the hands of children.

Burn it

Lanyards should never be burned or thrown into a fire pit as they are easily flammable. Burning a lanyard to dispose of it is never a good idea and will only bring about adverse complications to the environment. The smoke that comes from a burned lanyard is made up of harmful chemicals that can affect the ozone layer and destroy the atmosphere.

Use it to carry important items

Even though lanyards are specially designed to be able to carry a limited number of items, one must not trust a lanyard in carrying important items. Such items include cell phones, valid IDs (though it is acceptable for a single ID to be attached to the lanyard), and other objects you deem important to you. If you are asking why, look at it from the perspective of a thief. Lanyards are typically worn around the neck with the item attached to it usually hanging around the torso or abdomen of the individual. For thieves, items like these are easier to snatch because they are out in the open.

Even with the argument that lanyards have metal attachments that are strong enough to hold an item, modern crime and violence have led to criminals becoming more innovative. Thieves can now easily slash a lanyard, rendering the metal connector/holder useless. It might be a better idea to just keep your important belongings somewhere safer and less obvious. Carrying them by attaching them to lanyards gives thieves plenty of opportunities.

Final lesson

Badge lanyards’ usefulness cannot be denied. However, it is better if we know of circumstances wherein they should not be used. This way, you can continue using these lanyards more safely.

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