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Top Five High-Quality TaylorMade Golf Clubs

Golf can be a tricky game. Even a single golf club feature can influence your overall performance. If one of the golf club features is not compatible with your height, you may not be able to make an effective shot. It is important for beginners to use appropriate golf clubs so that it will be easier for them to learn and improve their performance. You need to know what are the features of good irons, putters, and wedges. However, choosing from a wide range of choices is a confusing task. Each golf club has its own pros and cons regarding its performance, specific feature, and price. But if you find it difficult to choose one, then you may opt to select one among the top five high-quality TaylorMade golf clubs which are as follows:


1.SLDR TaylorMade Golf Driver

Taylormade GolfThough this driver offers a handful of features, it is still easy to use even if it is just your first time to play golf. This is known to be the lowest spinning driver of TaylorMade. This driver allows the golfer to hit the ball farther to reach the target point. Even if the distance is far from your position, the ball can reach the target point. You no longer need to exert more force when swinging the club just to make your hit farther. The structure of SLDR golf driver promotes straighter and farther drives. Other things that can enhance your drive are faster ball speed, lower spin level and high launch angle. Another good feature is its sliding weight. This feature allows you to modify the core of gravity, ensuring an effective ball flight of up to 30 yards.


2.JetSpeed Fairway

This golf club has a smaller and lighter structure, which makes it easy and fast to swing. It is a redesigned version of JetSpeed speed pocket. It is comprised of a polymer filling, which protects the club from debris and dirt. This filling also absorbs all unnecessary vibration and maintains the pacing of the club face. Its club face is durable and strong, making the ball flight fast and long. It has a low profile club head and shallow club face, allowing an easy launch and excellent performance.


3.RocketBallz Rescue

TaylorMade Golf Rocket Ballz Rescue makes it easier for you to launch golf balls even higher and longer than your normal drives. It is comprised of a super light shaft and low gravity center, increasing the speed of the ball.Other promising features of this club are large club head and white matte finish. These features help you align the club easier. If you are looking for a club that can make long drives, this Taylormade golf club is a good choice. Due to its lightweight shaft and club handle, the swing speed is higher and can reach a far distance.


4.Tour Preferred Iron

This TaylorMade golf iron prioritizes efficiency rather than its physical appearance. Professionals and beginners prefer to use this golf iron. It offers high-quality performance, appearance, feel and sound. You can choose from the three types of Tour Preferred irons: MC, CB and MB.


5.Daddy Long Legs Putter

This putter is a combination of carbon steel, titanium, aluminum and stainless steel, making the club head resistant to twisting. This enables the club to roll the golf ball going to the target point accurately. It has a 4.5-oz. grip which compensates the weight of the club head. The result of using this club is a smoother and more effective swing.

There’s nothing to regret about these golf clubs. If you are not aware of golf club specifications, you may choose to buy the above-mentioned TaylorMade golf clubs.

bag TaylorMade Golf Clubs provides creative golf club with new technology, in which club heads are made thinner and lighter.

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