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Benefits Of Cremation

An increasing number of people are now choosing cremation over traditional burial. Most funeral homes now offer services for cremation. Knoxville, Tennessee, for example, has over 35 funeral homes that facilitate cremation.

CremationEach of these homes serves hundreds of families every year and a rising portion of the population opt for cremation. Knoxville also has funeral homes that have on-site crematories, though most homes still carry out the cremation process outside the state through third-party companies. However, majority of the citizens still opt for traditional burial over cremation. Knoxville, too, has only less than 40 percent of families who go with cremation in a year. Though not all of the citizens dive easily into cremation, cremation Knoxville still provides many of the excellent cremation services.

There are many reasons why people choose cremation, but most are reasons of practicality, convenience, and peace of mind. A breakdown of the specific benefits cremation brings is listed below:

Environmental Benefits

Reduces the consumption of natural resources – Cremation does not require the use of sophisticated caskets—which are mostly made of different materials for durability—and large headstones. This will cut down the amount of consuming natural materials like wood, stones, metal, glass, and even plastic. Urns are mostly made of ceramic, clay, or porcelain. A metal urn will only need a fraction of the amount of materials needed for a metal casket.

Saves space – Cremation eliminates the need to purchase cemetery plots like burials do. And if ever the urns are buried, they will not require the large space that a casket would occupy upon burial. A single cemetery plot can be used for burying multiple cremation urns.

Scattering of cremated ashes causes no pollution – If a cremated body is disposed by scattering the ashes at sea or on land, the ashes will naturally mix with the soil and decompose just like any organic fertilizer. The ashes also do not emit harmful chemicals or gases.

Choose biodegradable urns – Most urns used for holding or burying cremated bodies are made from biodegradable materials; that is, they decompose faster under the earth over time than any casket of coffin would. There are also sustainable urns made of previously cremated bodies that can be purchased for use in burial.

Financial Benefits

Less expensive – Opting for cremation can save you money more than traditional burials. Cremation will only require you to spend on the cremation process and the urn that you will use to hold the cremated body for disposition. Traditional burials, on the other hand, could make you spend a lot on caskets or coffins—depending on the types of materials used—and the available cemetery plots at the time.

Does not require funeral services – Funeral services are optional if you choose to cremate the body of a family member. Families usually forgo funerals and just settle with a memorial service, which is optional too, after the cremation. Traditional burials, on the other hand, usually require that a visitation and funeral service is held before the burial and a memorial service afterwards, which will cost you more aside from the expenses on the casket and cemetery plot.

Psychological Benefits

Body will not rot underground – Many people hate the idea of their loved one’s body being slowly eaten up by the soil and the critters that live in it. Some also view the decomposition of buried bodies as a desecration. That is why they find cremation’s clean disposal very comforting.

Hides the images of a mutilated body – Not all people die in one piece; many accidents cause irreparable injuries to bodies that do not look pleasing. Families of people who die from crashes, industrial accidents, and warfare opt for cremation just so they do not have to suffer looking at their dead in a distorted, patched-up appearance.